Platinum Plumbing Inc.

Drain Cleaners and Bottled Clog Remedies

We recommend the use of enzymatic cleaners for regular maintenance, preventing and addressing odors and, as a remedy for small clogs. The addition of dishwashing soap to a clogged toilet can also be helpful and, mixtures of vinegar and baking soda can address drain odors and remove small amounts of some buildup in pipes. 


Do pour enzymatic cleaners into sluggish drains.

Do use enzymatic cleaners regularly to prevent odors and buildup in your pipes.

Do try to physically remove a clog before resorting to drain cleaners or bottled clog remedies. 


Don’t rely on the use of chemical drain cleaners or clog remedies. These solutions are corrosive to pipes, caustic to people and pets, and have extreme pH’s that are either highly acidic or basic. 

Don’t mix chemical drain cleaners with other types of drain cleaners, detergents or soap.

Don’t allow your skin or eyes to come into contact with chemical drain cleaners. If you do use them, make sure the area is ventilated. Keep in mind that the chemicals are often dangerous and, if they don’t work, physically removing the clog becomes more hazardous for everyone involved.

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