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Do You Need a Plumber To Get Ready for your Summer Parties?

Have a Raging Block Party Without Fear of (Pipe) Blocks!

Every neighbor is looking forward to the party of the summer! While they’re making their famous potato salad, the host is busy arranging entertainment, decor, and the fireworks display as put on by the five college guys who volunteered to create something “totally sick.” One of the planning pieces that should not fall to the wayside is prepping the house’s plumbing.

The Necessity of a Garbage Disposal

Person installing garbage disposalThe food waste disposal unit that accompanies many a kitchen sink is perhaps one of the most neglected and underrated appliances in the entire house. Homeowners rarely think of it unless something malfunctions. The garbage disposal, when used properly, breaks up any food particles that might cause clogs in the drain. This makes less food mess to clean up and can help with odors from the trash.

There are several things to consider when getting or replacing a garbage disposal, but it is not difficult to find the right one for a particular need.

  • Continuous Feed: This type of disposal can have items fed into it in one long stream.
  • Batch Feed: This disposal only grinds in parcels and typically requires that a stopper be placed in order to run. This is a good safety precaution if there are children in a home.

Check Gas Lines: Only Fireworks Should Explode

A natural gas leak can lead to a costly gas bill and be detrimental to physical health and property. Early detection of a gas leak can prevent any of these issues. An easy test for gas line leaks is spraying joints with a soapy water mixture. Bubbles forming at the connection indicate that there is a leak. Below are a few other signs of gas leaks.

  • The Rotten Egg Smell: The smell of methane is the first sign of a leak in a gas line.
  • Hissing Sound: Hearing a seemingly sourceless hissing may come from the gas lines.
  • Flames Flickering or Wrong Color: If the gas stove has flames that flicker or are orange instead of blue, there is likely oxygen in the lines that should not be there.

If a gas leak is suspected, the best solution is to call a plumber or the gas company to investigate.

Is the Bathroom Ready for Heavy Traffic?

Folded towels sitting on a bathroom counterOne of the issues that accompanies a gettogether is lots of people using the bathroom. Any party with food and drinks is bound to produce heavy traffic to that area of the house. A malfunctioning toilet is sure to cause embarrassment for both the homeowner and their visitors. If a homeowner is having trouble with their current commode, it might be a good time to switch to a more powerful and more eco-friendly version such as the dual flush or pressure-assisted toilet.

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