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Don’t Wait Until a Kitchen Plumbing Mishap to Be Thankful for Garbage Disposals!

Thanksgiving is the Busy Season for Kitchen Sink Plumbing

On the first Thanksgiving, pilgrims were thankful for a safe voyage and the bounty of food offered to them in the New World. Since then, the observance of a Thanksgiving holiday has grown so that people are inclined to be thankful for many more things. One of the things that Pilgrims didn’t even know to be thankful for was a garbage disposal. Cleaning up after the first Thanksgiving feast was probably easier than it is today because modern-day celebrations must keep in mind the needs of the kitchen plumbing and make the necessary accommodations, like making sure the garbage disposal is ready for the big day.

This year, stay thankful for all things, including the garbage disposal. Check the disposal before the big meal to make sure it can keep up and schedule garbage disposal installation or repair if necessary. This quick guide from local plumbers can help!

drain Clogged Drain Prevention

The Pilgrims didn’t have sinks to protect, but modern-day Pilgrims need all the help they can get to make Thanksgiving go smoothly. One of the things that can disrupt festivities is a clogged sink, and the garbage disposal is the only thing that stands in the way. Garbage disposals are powerful appliances that grind up food waste and allow it to pass through the piping in a sink drain more easily.

When food isn’t ground up before being flushed into plumbing, it can cling to the sides of the pipes and slowly build up. The resulting clogs can be notoriously difficult to remove and result in a kitchen sink that won’t drain. Simply by having a working garbage disposal, this possibility can be eliminated entirely, and homeowners can focus on celebrating instead.

Practice Gratitude With These Maintenance Tips

Even if the garbage disposal is working fine, there are a few good things that homeowners can do to ensure that it will stay working for years to come. By implementing a few good practices, homeowners can have continued confidence in their garbage disposal. Some ideas to help it along are:

  • Throw Out the Grease: Grease should never be discarded down the drain, even with a garbage disposal.
  • Toss Eggshells in the Trash: An old myth exists that asserts eggshells sharpen the disposal’s blades. This is false. Additionally, the membrane inside the eggshell can tangle around the blades and throw them off balance.
  • Always Run the Water: When flushing food scraps down the sink, always run water with them to keep things moving.
  • Throw Vegetable Skins in the Trash: Onion and potato skins don’t grind well and can still cause clogs even after running through the disposal.

Signs Garbage Disposal Repair is Necessarygarbage disposal

Even with meticulous maintenance and good practices, garbage disposals can still develop problems. When a disposal is having trouble, most of the time, the signs are obvious. Some of the signs the garbage disposal needs attention are:
  • Even louder grinding noises than usual
  • A soft humming instead of normal grinding
  • No power at all
  • Needing to reset the overload numerous times

Scheduling repairs as soon as deficiencies are noted can prevent holiday disasters. Be sure to ask for help as soon as possible.

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