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We at Platinum Plumbing know how fast things can go wrong when it comes to plumbing and gas lines. For a fast response and reliable service, call 309-516-0123.

You can’t always prepare for the unexpected, but you can always expect Platinum Plumbing to be there for your emergency repair. We’ll be there when you can’t afford to wait. Our licensed plumbers will be on call to address any emergent issues. Some of our services include:

Burst Pipe Repair

If our prevention tips (link) didn’t work, or you can’t reach the pipe that is leaking, call us right away. These leaks could lead to considerable and costly damage to your walls and ceiling, and we want our customers to have as little worry as possible.

Water Line and Sewer Line Emergencies

We all know that sewer lines can back up, and water lines can rupture. These issues can happen either internally or externally, and they can cause a lot of damage either way. Leaks and sewage backup can cause flooding and damage if they happen inside of your home, and there’s not enough baking soda to get that smell out. Additionally, outside sewage backup and water leaks can cause flooding to your property, or worse, your neighbor’s property, and that’s a much more costly liability. Your best bet is to call us immediately and let us solve the problems before they become too overbearing.

Gas Leak

Gas leaks are a very terrifying and very real possibility. If you notice any of our signs (link) of a potential gas leak, do not hesitate to call us. Not only is customer convenience important to us, customer health is crucial. Call us anytime, day or night.

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