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Do I really need to hire a plumber to fix my leaky faucet? Platinum Plumbing assures you that doing the job professionally is always the best route. Call us at 309-516-0123.

We know that there are many websites and videos that make DIY plumbing look easy, but the reality is that the cause of leaks is not always as cut and dry as it may seem. In fact, the improper diagnosis of a water leak source could lead to more damage and costly repairs. Stay dry and contact the experts. Platinum Plumbing is here for you in the Bloomington Normal Area. Here are some ideas to get you on the right path to getting the best faucet for your home:

The Right Faucet

There are endless options when it comes to faucet selection, and Platinum Plumbing wants to make sure that you pick the best hardware for your home. The great architect Louis Sullivan once said, “Form follows function,” which means that the quality of your faucet is just as, if not more, important than aesthetic.

Durability: It is not difficult to tell if a faucet is cheaply made. If it feels light in your hand, like it could be easily bent, it likely won’t withstand the pressures of constant use.

Height and Reach: Have you ever been to a public bathroom where, in order to get the water over your hands, you feel like you have to mash them into the back of the sink?  It’s incredibly annoying. Make sure that your faucet reaches out far enough that you can fit your hands or any object comfortably under the water flow.

Height is equally important. Check to see if you have a shelf or windowsill above the sink. Some designs have knobs that may not turn on all the way if there are objects obstructing the lift or turn of the handle.

Finish: There are many colors to choose from, but the most effective way to pick the right finish is with the scratch test. Simply scratch the faucet lightly. If another color is immediately apparent, you know that it will tarnish easily.

Decorating Tips: Make sure that the faucet color you pick matches hardware that is already established in your kitchen or bathroom. Are the knobs, towel bars, hooks, curtain rods that have already established a metal color theme? You want to make sure your hardware isn’t mismatched.


Aqua and teal colors are very popular right now, and gold hardware really pops in kitchens and bathrooms with these colors.


If you are restoring an old home—as there are many in the Bloomington-Normal area—and wish to keep the integrity of the style, bronze may be the best way to go.

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