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Professional Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation Services in Bloomington Normal

Platinum Plumbing is a multi-fauceted (see what we did there?) company. We don’t just do repairs; we also do installation in the greater BloNo area. Here are the many ways we can assist you with your garbage disposal needs:


Plumbing Companies often focus on what to do when something goes wrong with your garbage disposal, but what if you’re thinking about having a garbage disposal for the first time? That’s where Platinum Plumbing comes in.


Honestly, rinsing dishes, while it seems like a menial task, is a life changer when you have a garbage disposal. Call us if you’re thinking about having one installed, and we will come for a consultation. We will provide options and discuss price range and quality so you can pick what’s best for you. After we’ve ordered the part, we’ll install it, and you will have a brand-new garbage disposal with the mere act of pointing your finger. It’s hassle-free!

Repair & Replacement

While garbage disposals can make life easier, problems can persist after a while, especially if there is a lot of wear and tear. If you notice clogging, terrible sounds, or leaking coming from your garbage disposal, call Platinum Plumbing, and we will do a complete inspection in the Bloomington-Normal surrounding area. Our trusted plumbers will let you know if repair or replacement is the best option for you.

Avoid Clogging Issues

Run hot water while using the disposal. This will help keep food moving down the drain.


Be careful about what you put down there.

Stringy foods like celery and banana peels can get caught in the gears.


Grease will solidify in the pipes and cause clogs.


Bones – Just trust us.


Large, hard objects like fruit pits and large nut shells.

If, for any reason, you accidentally do get some grease down the drain, immediately run hot water with some dish soap to help keep it from solidifying. But really, don’t put grease down your drain.

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