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A gas leak isn’t as funny as it sounds. In fact, gas leaks can be silent but deadly. Explosive even. To avoid potential disaster, contact the most trusted gas line repair and leak detection company in the Bloomington-Normal area.

Signs of a Gas Leak

Odor: Gas leaks emit a sulfurous smell similar to that of rotten eggs. If this odor is present in the house, you can be almost certain that there is a leak somewhere.

Dead Plant Life Near Gas Line: If you notice that your plants or garden are struggling to survive or thrive, this may be a clear indication that you have a gas leak in your home or yard. Noticeable dead vegetation is usually a telltale sign, but if you are just bad at gardening, check out some of the other signs or call Platinum Plumbing to be sure.

Hissing Noises Near Pipeline or Gas Appliance: Hissing sounds should never be disregarded. If you hear a hissing sound of any kind coming from your home, especially from appliances, turn off your system and contact our reputable plumbers.

A FireFirst call the fire department, and then call us for repairs and potential remodeling if your kitchen or bathroom has been damaged.

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