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Dependable Main Water Line Repair in Bloomington Normal

The town of Normal, IL is currently replacing many water mains throughout the town to improve water flow, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see an improvement in your own water lines. If you are experiencing issues and suspect that your water line is damaged or leaking, contact Platinum Plumbing for fast and efficient services. Here are some things that may indicate your have issues with your water lines.

Increase in Your Water BillWater lines can wear down over time. In this case, you may develop pinhole leaks that aren’t noticeable right away, or you could develop larger leaks that can be seen on the surface of the ground.

Note: If you are experiencing a major increase in your bill, contact Platinum Plumbing right away to determine the cause. You can find more information under our Emergency Plumber page.  

Water Through the Foundation WallThis doesn’t necessarily mean your house is leaking as it could be caused by a leak in a neighboring house. To be sure, call us at 309-516-0123.

Rumbling or Hissing Sound When Water is Shut Off: This could mean that water is leaving the pipe anywhere from the house, city water main, and street.

Loss of Water PressureIf your water pressure is low, this could indicate that you have a leak or another existing plumbing damage. Call a trusted professional immediately if you experience this

Our well-trained professionals and state of the art equipment will effectively identify the cause of any leak.

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