About Andrew Wille

The guy behind it all...Meet the owner of Platinum Plumbing, Inc.


Andrew Wille comes from a family of business owners and started his plumbing career as an 18-year-old right out of high school. He quickly fell in love with the trade that allowed him to problem solve while helping those in need. A few years after he began his journey, Andrew came home from work and heard one of the local football teams practicing at the field behind his house. Playing to his helping nature, he walked over and asked the coaches if they needed any assistance; and so began his simultaneous and seasonal career as a coach and mentor to 6th and 7th grade junior high boys. For over a decade, Andrew has been volunteering his time to develop the kids of our future, but it wasn’t until he had a few of his own till he realized how much of an impact he could be on and off the field. With this new drive, Andrew set out to diversify his experience learning everything from service to new construction in order to build a foundation of expertise within the industry. He wanted to set an example for his kids and future players that there are alternative paths to success outside of a college degree. Delivering the Platinum Rule to his customers, players, and family; Platinum Plumbing, Inc. is the company that ties all passions together for Andrew.

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