Why Now Is the Time for Water Heater Maintenance!

Why Now Is the Time for Water Heater Maintenance!

Water Heater Maintenance Keeps Cold Showers at Bay!

The crisp, beautiful weather of Autumn is in the air! There’s no better way to start a day than with a hot shower. So, don’t let the surprise of a broken water heater ruin the morning ritual. Instead, prevent hot water woes with an annual water heater check-up.  

3 Reasons Never To Skip Water Heater Maintenanceplumber

Water heater maintenance does more than just keep the shower water hot. Check out these three reasons why water heater maintenance is a must-have for every unit.
  • Promotes Efficiency and Performance: Over time, water heaters develop a layer of sediment in the tank. This sediment reduces the heater’s ability to warm water efficiently. The result? It takes forever to get a hot shower. A well-maintained water heater works faster than a neglected one, keeping up with the demands of a busy home.
  • Improves Longevity: Think of water heater maintenance as an annual doctor’s visit for the water heater. Regular heater maintenance guarantees the parts and pieces of the heater get the TLC they need to stay in working order, preventing wear and tear in the unit. In addition, water and electric bills reduce as regular maintenance keeps the unit in working order, thanks to preventative care of annual maintenance.
  • Enhances Safety: Sediment that develops in water heater tanks poses a danger to the unit and the household. As sediment builds up, pressure grows in the unit when water boils beneath the deposits. Without regular removal and care, this sediment can explode, causing damage to the home and any nearby occupants.

3 Things To Expect During Water Heater Maintenance Appointments

During an annual water heater appointment, a technician will generally do the following:

  • Anode Rod Inspection: Every water heater has an anode rod. The rod draws corrosive materials like magnesium away from the water heater and to the rod to preserve the heater’s integrity. Unfortunately, over time, the anode rod corrodes away as it’s designed to do. When this happens, a new anode rod needs installing. During maintenance, the technician will check the anode rode for corrosion and complete any replacements required. 
  • Sediment Flush: Hard water exists in millions of American homes. It produces sediment that collects in water heater tanks. To prevent damage to the heater, the plumbing technician will flush the tank and remove the sediment during maintenance.
  • Pressure Inspection: Water heaters need to have a controlled amount of pressure in the tank or risk explosions. Therefore, the technician verifies that the pressure valve works properly during an annual inspection to prevent any surprise explosions. 

3 Warning Signs of Water Heater Troublewater heater

When water heaters start to fail, they’ll give off some warning signs. If these three signs occur in the home, never ignore them; call a water heater expert right away to inspect the unit.

  • Leaking: Does the water heater have a leak at its base or around the plumbing? The unit may have corroded or had a pressure problem. More likely than not, a leak requires at least a minor repair somewhere in the unit. In extreme cases, a leak points to a damaged and dangerous water heater that needs immediate replacing.
  • Unreliable Hot Water: If it’s impossible to wash dishes or take a shower because hot water comes and goes without warning, call a plumber to inspect the water heater. A part likely needs replacing in the unit to bring back reliable hot water in the home.
  • Strange Noises: If banging, hissing, or cracking sounds are coming from the water heater, something is amiss. Often, the sounds are a sign of excessive sediment trapping water beneath it, leading to boiling water and high pressure in the tank. In some cases, strange noises are a sign of damaged parts that need replacing. In either case, it’s essential to have an expert investigate to prevent the possible explosion of the unit.

With proper care and annual maintenance, a water heater can enjoy a long life, and the house can enjoy reliable hot water. 

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Plumbing emergencies don’t wait for a convenient moment to happen. The team at Platinum Plumbing knows how stressful a busted pipe or flooding toilet can be, which is why they stand ready to help their Normal, IL community 24/7. Call today for reliable water heater repair!

Back at School With Plumbing 101

Back at School With Plumbing 101

Plumbing for Beginners

From a clogged drain to a leaky faucet to a running toilet, all homeowners have experienced plumbing issues in their houses. But it’s important to understand exactly how a home’s plumbing system works so that large problems can be avoided and small issues can be quickly (and cost-effectively) repaired. The following “Plumbing 101” should arm all homeowners with the basic plumbing knowledge they need to keep their systems functioning properly.

How Does a Plumbing System Work?sink water

Whether a home is connected to a public water supply or gets its water from a local well, all water enters the plumbing system through the main intake pipe. Connected to this intake pipe is the home’s main water shut-off valve. Every homeowner should know exactly where the main shut-off valve is located, as this will often be the first line of defense when a serious plumbing issue occurs. 

Turning the valve clockwise will stop the flow of water throughout the house, meaning no appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.) or fixtures (toilets, sinks, showers, etc.) will be able to output anything. This is especially important to remember when something is leaking.

At the other end of a home’s plumbing system is the main sewer line, where all fixtures and appliances drain their used water. This main sewer line is a large-diameter pipe that connects directly to the public sewer or a home’s private septic tank. Unfortunately, this main sewer line can become clogged just like a drain or a toilet, though luckily, it is less common. When multiple appliances and fixtures show signs of a slow or clogged drain, it may be time to inspect the main sewer line.

Essential Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances

Central to every home’s plumbing system are the fixtures and appliances that homeowners use every single day. Common bathroom fixtures include showers, baths, sinks, and toilets. These fixtures are connected to the main plumbing system (the intake pipe for its new water supply and the sewer line for its waste disposal). Common appliances that rely on a home’s plumbing system include washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters. Each of these fixtures and appliances has its own recommended maintenance steps and common points of failure to be mindful of.

Understanding the Basics of Drain Cleaningdrain

Drains are perhaps the most frequent points of concern in a plumbing system. These fixtures can cause significant (and possibly costly) problems, from slow drains to clogged drains to leaky drains. That’s why it’s critical to properly and frequently clean drains. And it’s important to not forget about shower and bath drains which are just as likely to need draining cleaning as sink drains.

When cleaning a drain, it’s important for homeowners not to cause damage to the plumbing system along the way. For example, some over-the-counter drain cleaners can be harsh on pipes and actually damage them to the point of leaking. Additionally, snakes and other hard cleaning tools can scrape or scratch pipes with long-lasting consequences. 

The best way to avoid any issues and ensure the plumbing system flows properly is to work with a local plumbing and drain cleaning company. 

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Platinum Plumbing provides professional and reliable plumbing services throughout McClean County, IL, including all of Bloomington-Normal and the surrounding areas. They focus on providing top-notch repair and maintenance services by experienced plumbers. They will get the job done right at a great price, which is why they have received the Best of Readers’ choice award for Bloomington-Normal by Pantagraph Media. Call now for plumbing services!

Do You Need a Plumber To Get Ready for your Summer Parties?

Do You Need a Plumber To Get Ready for your Summer Parties?

Have a Raging Block Party Without Fear of (Pipe) Blocks!

Every neighbor is looking forward to the party of the summer! While they’re making their famous potato salad, the host is busy arranging entertainment, decor, and the fireworks display as put on by the five college guys who volunteered to create something “totally sick.” One of the planning pieces that should not fall to the wayside is prepping the house’s plumbing.

The Necessity of a Garbage Disposal

Person installing garbage disposalThe food waste disposal unit that accompanies many a kitchen sink is perhaps one of the most neglected and underrated appliances in the entire house. Homeowners rarely think of it unless something malfunctions. The garbage disposal, when used properly, breaks up any food particles that might cause clogs in the drain. This makes less food mess to clean up and can help with odors from the trash.

There are several things to consider when getting or replacing a garbage disposal, but it is not difficult to find the right one for a particular need.

  • Continuous Feed: This type of disposal can have items fed into it in one long stream.
  • Batch Feed: This disposal only grinds in parcels and typically requires that a stopper be placed in order to run. This is a good safety precaution if there are children in a home.

Check Gas Lines: Only Fireworks Should Explode

A natural gas leak can lead to a costly gas bill and be detrimental to physical health and property. Early detection of a gas leak can prevent any of these issues. An easy test for gas line leaks is spraying joints with a soapy water mixture. Bubbles forming at the connection indicate that there is a leak. Below are a few other signs of gas leaks.

  • The Rotten Egg Smell: The smell of methane is the first sign of a leak in a gas line.
  • Hissing Sound: Hearing a seemingly sourceless hissing may come from the gas lines.
  • Flames Flickering or Wrong Color: If the gas stove has flames that flicker or are orange instead of blue, there is likely oxygen in the lines that should not be there.

If a gas leak is suspected, the best solution is to call a plumber or the gas company to investigate.

Is the Bathroom Ready for Heavy Traffic?

Folded towels sitting on a bathroom counterOne of the issues that accompanies a gettogether is lots of people using the bathroom. Any party with food and drinks is bound to produce heavy traffic to that area of the house. A malfunctioning toilet is sure to cause embarrassment for both the homeowner and their visitors. If a homeowner is having trouble with their current commode, it might be a good time to switch to a more powerful and more eco-friendly version such as the dual flush or pressure-assisted toilet.

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Platinum Plumbing, serving the greater Bloomington/Normal area of Illinois, prides itself on highly personalized service and technical know-how. Their up-front pricing and friendly service will keep their customers returning with every plumbing problem. Give them a call today for top-notch plumbing services in Bloomington and Normal!