Spot the Three Signs of a Frozen Pipe

These Three Things Indicate a Frozen Pipe 

Consumer Reports notes that winter is brutal on homes’ plumbing systems. With once-flowing water no longer coming out of faucets, homeowners may notice foul odors coming from sinks and drains. Each of these things indicates a frozen pipe. 

Without consulting a frozen pipe repair company, one can find themselves in dire financial straits. When water freezes, it expands, potentially causing serious damage. Consumer Reports notes that a burst pipe can cause up to $5,000 in damage. 

By recognizing and properly addressing these signs, homeowners can keep their homes safe from damage this holiday season. 

Little or No Water Comes Out of the Faucets

faucetFrozen pipes mean ice. When ice accumulates inside a pipe, this prevents water from flowing through. As mentioned, it also puts extreme pressure on the pipes themselves, increasing the likelihood of burst pipes and extreme damage. 

If a homeowner suspects that a pipe has frozen, they should: 

  • Turn off the home’s water supply: They don’t want to risk more water building up and freezing inside the plumbing system. 
  • Wrap the pipes in cloth: This increases the pipe’s warmth and lets the ice inside thaw gradually. 
  • Aim a low-powered hairdryer at the pipe: This increases the pipes’ internal temperature, like insulating the pipes. Homeowners shouldn’t use high settings since this can warp the pipes themselves. 

A burst pipe repair company can provide more information about how to remedy a broken pipe. 

Frost on Frozen Pipes Needs Prompt Action

pipe Exterior pipes, like those that connect hoses and sprinklers, are extremely prone to freezing. If there’s frost on these pipes, that almost guarantees a frozen pipe. When temperatures dip below 40 degrees, homeowners should: 

  • Remove all hoses: If water inside the hose builds up, this can create pressure and back up into the plumbing system. 
  • Insulate exterior pipes: Homeowners can use fabric, plastic, and rubber to insulate their pipes. They may also consult a frozen water line repair company to do this for them. 
  • Limit outdoor water usage: It’s tempting to hose down a snowy driveway. However, this can cause more home than good, as this can create icy clogs and blockages. 

Foul or Stale Smells Mean Frozen Pipes 

Frozen pipes mean frozen water. In turn, this prevents residue from draining into the neighborhood sewer main. In addition to calling a burst pipe repair service, homeowners should: 

  • Pour hot water down the drain: This will break down any ice that’s built up inside the pipes. 
  • Turn off the water supply and run the faucet: Homeowners want to eliminate any still water that hasn’t frozen yet. The longer water remains in the pipes, the more likely it will freeze. 
  • Refrain from using a clogged drain: As noted, foul odors coming from the drain mean a blockage. Homeowners don’t want to do the dishes or use the garbage disposal while dealing with a frozen pipe. This will only add to the clog, increase the risk of frozen water lines, and worsen the smell. 

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