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Bloomington, Normal, and the towns surrounding it are full of beautiful old and historic houses. Oftentimes, the plumbing is equally historic and needs to be updated. Platinum Plumbing is the company you call when you need repiping. We handle issues as small as broken pipe replacement to complete reworking of whole sewer and plumbing systems. Big or small, call us at 309-516-0123.

If you’ve browsed our website at all, then you know that there are lots of things that can cause damaged or broken pipes. Our trained and licensed technicians will assess your needs and tell you what the best option is for your situation. As a recap (or if this is the first page you went to), here are some common signs that you need repiping or pipe repair:

Did You Know?

Not only does repiping lead to cleaner and safer water, it can improve efficiency and save you money! Repiping your standard system when needed can save your appliances and fixtures and provide a greater lifespan. It will also save you money. Not just because you won’t have to buy all new faucets and appliances, but also because it will help you save on your water bill by taking care of leaks and helping the flow.

Types of Pipes


Copper pipes are eco-friendly and lightweight. They are also not affected by corrosion, so your pipes will last longer.


PEX (Crosslinked Polyethylene Tubing) Piping is a new kind of material that is also budget-friendly. It also doesn’t corrode and is lightweight, but even though the acronym is a bit of a stretch, the material is extremely durable and can handle harsh temperatures.

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