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If you have problems with your kitchen faucets or fixtures, you may be wondering whether you really need a professional plumber to fix the problem; after all, there are plenty of DIY videos on YouTube. However, the reality is that the cause of the problem isn’t always black and white, as some videos make it seem. The fact is that if you improperly diagnose the source of the problem, you could end up making things worse, which requires more costly repairs.

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Signs You Need Kitchen Sink Replacement

Sometimes, all your kitchen fixtures need a little TLC to restore them to proper working order; however, there eventually comes a time when it’s better financial sense to invest in new fixtures. Here are the most common signs that you need a new kitchen sink.

  • Decreased Water Volume
    If the water flow from your faucet has been reduced to a mere trickle, it could mean that the pipes are corroded and leaking deep in the system where you can’t see. In situations like this, it’s best to replace both the pipes and the sink.
  • Constant Backups
    Sink clogs are common as food particles, hair, and other debris builds up. However, if your sink continually backs up even after performing multiple unclogging solutions, you may have an issue that’s only resolved with a new kitchen sink.
  • Increased Damage
    While hairline cracks aren’t something you need to fret over, as this damage becomes more significant, water eventually seeps into the porcelain causing your sink to break down.
  • Rusted Tap
    Although modern pipes use protective coatings to impede rust, eventually, these coatings wear out, and the metal starts to rust. Once rust begins, there’s no stopping it, so if your tap is too rusted out, it’s time to invest in a new one.

You can extend the life of your kitchen sink with regular maintenance and proper upkeep; however, when it’s time to install a new one, call the experts at Platinum Plumbing for professional kitchen sink replacement.

Do You Need a Garbage Disposal

If you enjoy cooking, you know how much waste it creates. And, even if you don’t do a lot of cooking, preferring to order in, you still have a lot of food waste to contend with. Either way, it’s best to have a means to properly dispose of food waste for the safety and cleanliness of your home. Getting rid of food waste is one reason people install kitchen garbage disposals, but here are a few you may not have thought of.

  • Money Savings
    If you’re used to putting food debris down the drain, you no doubt experience clogs. Homeowners usually solve clogs with drain cleaning chemicals, but sometimes, to clog is so embedded that you need the help of a pro. Using a garbage disposal significantly reduces the chance of clogs, which means less money spent on drain cleaners or plumbers.
  • Prevents Foul Odors
    Anyone who’s put food waste in the trash knows how quickly it begins to stink up the kitchen and house. Foul odors in the kitchen not only make your kitchen seem unhealthy, but it is also harmful. Using a garbage disposal, you significantly reduce the food waste that goes into the trash, thus reducing the odors that come with it .
  • Helps the Environment
    Garbage disposals are better for the environment than putting trash into a landfill. Using a garbage disposal means fewer plastic trash bags are going into the landfills, which is much better for the environment and better for your home.
  • Saves Time
    Because garbage disposals are so quick and easy to use, kitchen cleanup goes much faster, which leaves you more time for relaxing after a meal instead of cleaning up.

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Our Leaky Faucet Repair

You may be wondering whether you really need to hire a plumber to fix your leaky faucet. While it’s tempting to do the job yourself, if you’re not a pro, you risk making the problem worse and more expensive to fix.

When you hire a professional residential plumber like Platinum Plumbing, you get a professional repair done right the first time, and it comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Also, there are endless options when it comes to finding the perfect kitchen faucet, which is why it’s best to have an experienced professional help you pick the best hardware for your home. Our technicians will ensure that you get a faucet that:

  • Durable
  • The perfect height and reach for best comfort
  • A model with a durable finish
  • A faucet that compliments your decor

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