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Water and Gas Line

Main Water Lines

The town of Normal, IL is currently replacing many water mains throughout the town to improve water flow, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see an improvement in your own water lines. If you are experiencing issues and suspect that your water line is damaged or leaking, contact Platinum Plumbing for fast and efficient services. Here are some things that may indicate your have issues with your water lines.

Increase in Your Water Bill: Water lines can wear down over time. In this case, you may develop pinhole leaks that aren’t noticeable right away, or you could develop larger leaks that can be seen on the surface of the ground.

Note: If you are experiencing a major increase in your bill, contact Platinum Plumbing right away to determine the cause. You can find more information under our Emergency Plumber page (link).  

Water Through the Foundation Wall: This doesn’t necessarily mean your house is leaking as it could be caused by a leak in a neighboring house. To be sure, call us at 309-516-0123.

Rumbling or Hissing Sound When Water is Shut Off: This could mean that water is leaving the pipe anywhere from the house, city water main, and street.

Loss of Water Pressure: If your water pressure is low, this could indicate that you have a leak or another existing plumbing damage. Call a trusted professional immediately if you experience this.

Our well-trained professionals and state of the art equipment will effectively identify the cause of any leak.

Gas Line Repair

A gas leak isn’t as funny as it sounds. In fact, gas leaks can be silent but deadly. Explosive even. To avoid potential disaster, contact the most trusted gas line repair and leak detection company in the Bloomington-Normal area.

Signs of a Gas Leak

Odor: Gas leaks emit a sulfurous smell similar to that of rotten eggs. If this odor is present in the house, you can be almost certain that there is a leak somewhere.

Dead Plant Life Near Gas Line: If you notice that your plants or garden are struggling to survive or thrive, this may be a clear indication that you have a gas leak in your home or yard. Noticeable dead vegetation is usually a telltale sign, but if you are just bad at gardening, check out some of the other signs or call Platinum Plumbing to be sure.

Hissing Noises Near Pipeline or Gas Appliance: Hissing sounds should never be disregarded. If you hear a hissing sound of any kind coming from your home, especially from appliances, turn off your system and contact our reputable plumbers.

A Fire: First call the fire department, and then call us for reparation and potential remodeling if your kitchen or bathroom has been damaged (link). 

Frozen Waterline

Weather in Central Illinois is volatile, and as a result, water lines constantly experience hard freezes and quick thaws, sometimes in the same week. This kind of wear and tear can take its toll on pipes. Frozen pipes can also lead to pipe bursts and water leaks. Let Platinum Plumbing inspect and/or thaw your frozen pipes and call us at 309-516-0123 for any emergency pipe bursts (link to emergency plumber page).

Identifying Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes aren’t always immediately apparent. Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t know that a pipe was frozen until it is too late, and the pipe has burst. Here are some signs that your pipes may be frozen.

Slowed Water Movement: If it feels like water is taking an unusually long time to reach the faucet, this may be a result of frozen pipes. It could also be caused by another obstruction or bent pipe. Call us straight away if you are experiencing slow-moving water.

Unusual Sounds: Weird sounds from pipes aren’t always a cause for concern, especially in older houses, but if you hear new sounds such as whistling, bubbling or gurgling, or clanking sounds during cold times, these could all indicate frozen or damaged pipes.

Frost: The most easily identifiable indication that you have a frozen pipe is frost on the outside of the pipe.

Bulging or Protruding Pipes: Just like golf balls should not be able to fit into garden hose, pipes should also not show swelling or lumps.

Call Platinum Plumbing immediately, of course, if you notice any of these signs, but before you do, to minimize damage, here are a couple of things you can do yourself:

Turn off the Water Main: If water is still trying to move through the pipes while parts are frozen, it can cause the pipes to burst and cause significant flooding.

Thaw Visible Ice or Frost: This can be done with any source of blowing heat such as a space heater or hair dryer. (Helpful Hint: Never plug a space heater into an extension cord.)

Frozen Pipe Prevention

Residents of small towns in the surrounding Bloomington-Normal area may already know how to protect pipes in houses without a basement. Simply put piles of hay in your crawl spaces around the pipes.

Additionally, when temperatures are dangerously cold, leave a faucet on just enough to create a trickle. Constant movement will help keep the water from freezing.

Open cabinet doors under sinks to allow heat to flow in more easily.

Keep your thermostat above 55 degrees Fahrenheit.