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Sure, you can buy water purifiers for your kitchen faucet or water filter pitchers, but wouldn’t you rather have clean water throughout the whole house? Platinum Plumbing cares about health and hygiene for everyone in the BloNo area. Call them today at 309-516-0123

Water Filtration Systems can be installed to purify the water throughout your whole house. It treats the water as it enters your home by providing a barrier that removes larger particles. It also uses chemical reactions to remove smaller impurities that filters can’t catch on their own.


Health Benefits

While we don’t like to think about it, harmful bacteria can travel through your water and cause diseases and serious ailments. And, face it, you don’t only drink from your kitchen tap. People often get midnight drinks from bathroom sinks, and many pets drink from the toilet. Not only will your water be safer, it will taste better and is better for cooking.



With a water filtration system, you can stop wasting plastic water bottles. Get clean, pure water right from your tap!

Clean Water

Clean Water

Clean water isn’t only essential for ingestion; it also helps to keep your body and clothes clean and bright.

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