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Water heaters are, perhaps, one of the most essential appliances in your household. Whether you need to fix a leak, need to upgrade, or need emergency maintenance, the professional, licensed plumbers at Platinum Plumbing have you covered.

Platinum Plumbing serves those in the Bloomington-Normal area, and if your water heater can’t be fixed, we will help you find the one that is right for you. For great service at an affordable rate, call 309-516-0123.

What Kind of Water Heaters are Available?

In most cases, you’ll use what your current water heater uses now. Most houses have the option of either gas or electric. Water heaters are generally rated by “input,” which is the amount of energy that is used, per hour, to heat the tanks. Gas water heaters range from 30,000 to 180,000 BTUs, and electric water heaters range from 1440 to 550 watts. The higher the BTU or wattage, the faster your water will heat. To determine which kind of water heater works for you, here are some advantages of both:

Electric Water Heater

If your house does not have gas hookups, you’ll have to go with electric, but if your house has access to both gas and electric, the decision might be harder. Electric units are obviously better environmentally, but they have a lower up-front cost.

Gas Water Heater

Gas heaters tend to have a higher upfront cost, but they can cost less to operate as the cost of natural gas is generally lower than the cost of electricity. They will also generally heat up the water more quickly.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters can come in either gas or electric. They are slimmer and work by drawing water through a heating element. They are energy efficient, so whether it’s gas or electrically powered, it saves energy. Tankless water heaters don’t store hot water, rather they heat water as you use it. The rate at which they can heat water will depend on the size that you select. Tankless water heaters will also last up to 20 years while standard water heaters will only last 12-15 years.

When Should I Replace My Water Heater?

If you water heater is leaking, it could be as easy as tightening a loose part or corrosion of your pipes. If you find a leak, call our specialists at Platinum Plumbing right away. We are available for emergency visits. Leaks that go untreated could lead to burst pipes and tanks.

Has your tank already burst? Call us immediately and we’ll set you up with a replacement. Also, if your water heater is over 10 years old, it may be time to think about servicing your water heater. While water heaters do and can last longer than that, call Platinum Plumbing to inspect or flush your unit for a longer lasting, efficient appliance.

Another way to tell that there might be a problem with your water heater is an increase in your water or gas bill (depending on which kind of water heater you have). If you see a pattern or higher costs per month, call us right away for an inspection.

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