If you’re dealing with frozen pipes in your home, it’s a situation that calls for swift and careful action to prevent any potential damage. For residents in the Bloomington, IL area, knowing what to do in this scenario is crucial, especially given the region’s cold winters. Here’s a guide on handling frozen pipes, and when to call a Bloomington, IL plumber for professional help:

Identify the Frozen Pipe: First, identify which pipe or pipes are frozen. You’ll usually notice reduced water flow or no flow at all from the affected faucets.
Shut Off the Water: Before you do anything else, shut off the main water supply. This is a critical step in preventing potential water damage if the pipe bursts.
Open the Faucet: Open both the hot and cold handles of the affected faucet. This relieves pressure in the system and allows water to flow out once you begin to thaw the pipe.
Apply Gentle Heat: Start thawing the pipe nearest the faucet and work your way along. You can use a hair dryer, a heat lamp, or an electric heating pad wrapped around the pipe. Never use an open flame as it poses a significant fire hazard.
Check for Other Frozen Pipes: Once you’ve identified one frozen pipe, check other faucets in your home to see if there are additional frozen pipes.
Thaw Enclosed Pipes Carefully: If a frozen pipe is behind a wall, you can try to thaw it by increasing the indoor temperature with a thermostat or using an infrared lamp. Avoid cutting into walls unless absolutely necessary and consider contacting a Bloomington, IL plumber for this more complex scenario.
Inspect for Leaks: After the pipes have thawed, check for leaks. A frozen pipe can often crack or burst and may not be immediately noticeable.
Call a Professional Plumber: If you are unable to thaw the pipe, if the pipe has burst, or if the frozen pipe is not accessible, it’s time to call a professional plumber. In Bloomington, IL, plumbers are well-versed in handling such winter-related plumbing issues and can provide the necessary expertise and equipment.
Prevent Future Freezes: To prevent pipes from freezing in the future, consider adding insulation to attics, basements, and crawl spaces, sealing cracks and openings, and keeping the thermostat set to a consistent temperature.

Remember, while some minor frozen pipe situations can be handled with DIY methods, it’s always safer and more effective to seek the help of Platinum Plumbing, a Bloomington, IL plumber, especially in cases of severe freezes or when dealing with pipes that are not easily accessible. Their expertise can save you from potential extensive damage and costly repairs.

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