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Bloomington-Normal residents know how much rain we get here in Illinois, which is why you need a reliable sump pump to protect your home against flooding. Platinum Plumbing is the area’s go-to plumber for sump pump installation or repairs.

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Do You Need a Sump Pump?

As a homeowner, you may wonder whether a sump pump installation is necessary. However, if you’ve ever experienced flooding before or are worried about potential water damage caused by heavy rainfall, a sump pump can give you the peace of mind you want.

Sump pumps reside in the basement and are set up to pump water to the outside should it find its way into the basement. If you’ve ever cleaned out a basement that’s flooded, you know what a mess it is.

If you don’t know whether you need a sump pump or not, chances are you’ve never experienced a flooding issue in the basement.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding if you need a sump pump or not.

  • Check the gutters to make sure they’re not draining too close to the foundation.
  • Make sure the basement drain is clean and is draining properly.
  • Look for low spots around the foundation and pack any that you find with dirt.
  • Check for cracks in the basement floor or foundation where water can get in and seal them.

If you’re unsure whether a sump pump is necessary for you, call our experts for a consultation.

Which Kind of Sump Pump is Right for You?

There are many sump pumps to choose from, depending on the features and amenities you want. For example, do you want a basic primary pump, or do you want one that has a battery backup or one with WiFi connectivity that sends alerts to your phone?

Here are a few different kinds of sump pumps to consider.

  • Pedestal
    If you have an older house here in Bloomington-Normal, the pedestal pump is probably the best to get because it sits above the water of the sump pit and is ideal for pits that are shallow or narrow. Pedestal pumps can last up to 30 years with proper maintenance, and they’re cheaper and easier to repair than some of the fancier models. The downside to a pedestal sump pump is they don’t handle heavy flooding and clogs like other models and are known to be loud.
  • Submersible
    Opposite the pedestal pump is the submersible, and as its name implies, it sits below the water in the pit and is covered with a lid, which reduces the noise and prevents debris from going down into the pit. Submersible pumps are best for newer homes and ones that are in danger of heavy flooding.

As mentioned, you can get sump pumps with many different features depending on how fancy you want to get. If you’re not sure which model to choose, call one of our expert plumbers and let us assess your home’s needs and recommend the best system for you.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Sump Pump

Like other appliances, your sump pump won’t last forever. While you can extend the lifespan of your pump with regular maintenance, there comes a time when it’s safer if you upgrade to a new model. Here are the most common signs it’s time to replace your sump pump.

  • Age
    The average lifespan of a sump pump is about 10 years; however, there are many factors that impact its longevity. For example, the quality of the system, the frequency of use, and the length the pump has to carry the water for discharge all affect the lifespan of your pump. If you suspect that your system is getting to the end of its life, call Platinum Plumbing and let one of our expert technicians inspect it.
  • Clogs
    If your sump pump doesn’t have a lid, it’s in danger of dirt and other debris getting in, which leads to clogs that cause the system to slow or stop. If you’ve experienced multiple clogs, it may be time to replace your system.
  • Noise
    One complaint many residents have about their sump pumps is the noise they make. Although it’s natural for the sump pump to make noise when it’s running, if you hear something irregular like rattling or grinding, it means there’s a problem and it might be time to upgrade.

If you’re unsure about the state of your sump pump, call Platinum Plumbing and schedule an inspection with one of our highly trained technicians.

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Protect Your Valuable Investment From Water Damage

Wet basements cause many problems for homeowners, including mold, electrical damage, and property damage. Illinois residents know how wet it can get with heavy rain and snowfall. When you get hit with a sudden influx of water that the sewers can’t handle, you need protection against basement flooding and the inevitable damage that follows.

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